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UNiSEC Poster Session at Summer Camp

You are invited to our student poster session as our final summer camp for UNiSEC (Underrepresented Groups in Cybersecurity). During the 8 weeks this summer, we hosted our first cybersecurity summer camp for 16 high school students and 11 undergraduate students with nine volunteering faculty mentors. We invited six guest speakers from Google, Intel, Truist, SJSU, and CalPoly for programming tutorials, data analysis tutorials, and cybersecurity research talks. Every week, our faculty presented their research topics on Monday and met their group for their research project. All of the undergraduate students (100%) at our first camp are in underrepresented groups and 80% of them are female students. All the undergraduate students closely worked with our faculty mentor and led their group to finish each project as a team. For the high school students, 43% of them are in underrepresented groups. We appreciate the university and the industry for their sponsorship including CISCO, SJSU WiE, SJSU STEM, INTEL, TheSelectedGroup, and CSUDH, to support our underrepresented undergraduate students for their cybersecurity careers in the future. We believe that they learned leadership, research, social skills, and presentation skills. We would like to invite you to join our student poster presentation with your encouragement to congratulate them on their achievement during the summer.


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