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SVCC 2022 and CyberWarrior 2022

CyberWarrior 2022

We successfully hosted CyberWarrior, a cybersecurity competition for all levels of users including professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and high school students on August 17, 2022. This competition is sponsored by Google and Cisco. The competition had two parts: forensics questions and packet tracer parts. All the participants worked on the parts for 6 hours in total. We awarded 2 high school students, 10 undergraduate students, and 1 professional.

SVCC 2022

The international conference of Silicon Valley Cybersecurity (SVCC) was successfully finished with three keynote speakers, three research sessions, a special research talk session, and a hackathon from August 17 to August 19, 2022. The conference is sponsored by Google, Cisco, and TSG(The Select Group). The conference has 8 research papers and 4 research talks with a large audience from Asia, China, Europe, and the USA. All the accepted research papers will be published through Open Access at Springer.


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